Hi, I'm Mike Samuels

A personal trainer from Southampton, Hampshire

About Mike

Mike Samuels is Southampton born and bred. He qualified as a personal trainer at the Premier Academy in London in 2008, and worked for 18 months as a trainer at Fitness First in Balham, South West London.

His pet peeve is people talking about themselves in the third person, so here’s where Mike comes in…..

I realised I didn’t like the commercial gym environment at all, so packed my bags, upped and left, making may way back to Southampton.

Since mid-2009 I’ve been training folks from all different backgrounds in their own homes. I love my job, as it allows me to meet so many new people, and help them reach their goals, change their bodies and change their lives.

Personally, my bag is lifting weights. I’m a competitive powerlifter, and have competed in five meets, winning my category in three of them. I love hitting the iron and training hard, and competition gives me a huge buzz and something to strive for.

I enjoy spending my free time reading, drinking coffee, listening to classical music and walking. (And yes, I know that makes me sound like an old man, but hey, I’m okay with that.)

"Mike is a very diligent trainer, come rain or shine Mike is on the doorstep at the agreed time, our workouts are always varied and he will always try his best to help you achieve your goals. Mike has been my Personal Trainer for 9 months, I feel fitter, healthier and most of all 2 stone lighter! I recommend Mike whole heartedly, he is a great trainer and best of all he travels to your home."

What is Personal Training?

If your car was playing up, you wouldn’t just open the bonnet and have a tinker yourself.

What about if your washing machine suddenly went on the fritz? There’s only so much you can pick up about the ins and outs of washing machine mastery from Google – at some stage, you’d have to call an expert.

It’s the same with personal training.

With the plethora of free information available, you’d think it would be easy to find out how to get fitter, stronger, and lose fat, but it just ain’t that simple, amigo.

For starters, just look at how much conflicting information there is…

Some people swear by cardio, while others don’t do any and look awesome

Listen to some guys and girls, and low-carb is the way to go diet-wise, but chat with someone else and they’ll do nothing but speak of the dangers of dropping your carbs. So what are you to do?

There’s the motivation issue too. When was the last time you told yourself you were absolutely, definitely, 100% committed to hitting the gym and changing your diet? If you’re like most people, you probably go through this every few months.

It’s not uncommon to really struggle both with the knowledge needed to change your body and your life, but also with the motivation, and that’s where personal training comes in.

I work with you personally to give you a training and diet plan that not only fits your lifestyle, goals and schedule, but also that you enjoy. I realise the stresses of modern life, work and family, and help you incorporate small, manageable changes into your daily routine to get you where you want to be.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding personal training – mainly that it’s only for elite athletes and the filthy rich, but this certainly isn’t the case. I do work with CEOs and business owners, as well as those who play sport to a high level, but my client list also includes students, single parents and everyone in between. The only thing that matters at all is your desire to reach your goals.

Oh, and a sense of humour is preferable too. If you’re after someone to yell at you every workout and make you feel miserable and half-dead, that’s not me. If, however, you want someone to push you and get you where you want to be, but have a chat and a laugh with too, I’m definitely your guy.

" Mike is helping me with my dream of playing England Hockey Masters. We've been training together for just over a year now and what a difference Mike is making to my strength and stamina. Not only am I much fitter, I've also lost nearly 3 inches off my waist. The training programme Mike has complied is based on a deep understanding of the muscle groups and nutrition to support playing hockey. This is where Mike excels, you can see he takes pride in understanding your goals, then applying an interesting, varied and tailored programme to helping you meet your personal objectives. I'd have no hesitation recommending Mike - he's making a huge difference. "

How Training With Mike Works

I make training fun and interesting by using lots of different equipment – you’ll get to have a go with kettlebells, kickboxing, bodyweight work, traditional weights, sandbags, medicine balls – you name it, we’ll probably try it.

Training is challenging, but it’s fun too.

I come to you, which takes all of the hassle out of travelling to and from a gym, having to organise childcare, waiting for equipment, expensive membership fees and the like.

Each session we’ll kick off with a chat about what’s going well on your path to reaching your goals, what could be going better, and how we can work on making things easier for you. Then it’s down to the meat and potatoes of training: 45 minutes of blood, sweat and tears (well, hopefully just the middle one!) After that we’ll round things off with some stretching, and set you up with some goals for next time.

I like people to train at least three times per week, but realise not everyone is able to commit to training with me this much, therefore I’m more than happy to set you up with a plan you can carry out at home between our sessions.

" I work hard in our sessions but Mike makes it fun and uses lots of variety to keep me motivated. You see a difference in your fitness levels quickly and that gives a real sense of achievement. "


Single Session £40
10 Sessions 1 Session Per Week£350
10 Sessions 2 Or More Sessions Per Week£300
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" I have been training with Mike for five months now and in that time have never had a session where I wish I had not bothered turning up. Mike listens to what YOU want and tailors the sessions as such. His knowledge of health and fitness is extensive and is based on actual fact - unlike a lot of the fiction you can read on the internet! Mike pushes you just that bit further every session, but still manages to never sounding like a drill sergeant. His motivation skills are first class and with every session you are one, two or tens of steps closer to achieving your goal. As such, I would highly recommend Mike to anyone, he is worth every penny! "

Contact & Areas Covered

Please note that due to demand, I currently only cover Hedge End and the surrounding areas. If you’re further away, I’m more than happy to recommend other trainers, or talk about how I might be able to help you in an Online capacity, as I also run an Internet-based coaching business at http://www.healthylivingheavylifting.com/

Other Work

As well as being a personal trainer, I also work as an online coach and writer.

You can find out about online training here.

Published Work
  • “5 Rookie Personal Trainer Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business” for the Personal Trainer Development Center
  • “The Getting Dirty Diet” for EliteFTS
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